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An Atlanta-based company, Pyramid Web Design was founded in 1997 to provide a competitive design source for small to mid-sized Internet projects. Pyramid strives to present a full array of web-related services under one roof, covering all design aspects from visual concept to digital construction.

The Pyramid design philosophy is based on the idea that on the web, clear communication and sharp design are your best tools for competition.  A small business site deserves a unique look and feel equal to that of a large corporation. Pyramid hopes to level the playing field for businesses new to the net by offering affordable, personal and creative design ideas. The company's dedication to educating and mentoring its clients is key to the realization of Pyramid's goal of inclusion for both small and large businesses on the web.

In order to meet these goals, Pyramid Web Design has brought together a team of designers, programmers and technicians ranging across many areas of study and expertise. The Pyramid staff includes members with Certified Internet Webmaster training, extensive server and programming experience as well as graphic art design skills. This fusion of technical and artistic backgrounds enables the company to provide balanced outsourcing solutions.

The design firm's affordable, high-quality services underscore Pyramid's commitment to accelerating small business sites with big business design ideas. Pyramid Web Design's objective is to create imaginative sites that capture the unique personality of every project.


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