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How Our Process Works


Once the outline is completed and the estimate provided and approved, you will need to sign the Service Agreement.  At that time, 50% of the Website Design cost estimated will need to be paid.  We also offer monthly payment plans to spread out these costs over a 12 month period, dramatically reducing the up-front costs of your site design.  During this process, we will obtain your domain name and you will decide on your hosting plan.  Hosting is a separate cost from the site design estimate.  We also offer both monthly and annual plans for hosting and maintenance.  We aim to be as transparent as possible with the costs associated with the development of your internet presence.  No surprises.


Using the Project Overview as a guide, you will need to begin writing the site copy and gathering all pertinent photos and graphics.  You must make absolutely sure that you have included all of the text, as well as, photos, logos, and other images you wish to appear within the site.  These finalized content elements must be approved before we can move to the next phase.  Any additional content edits beyond this point will incur additional billable items.

Camel and Pyramids

Let's get

Started !

The planning step is FREE for all projects, so let's get started.

At this point, Pyramid will start the build of your website. Any changes to the Project Overview after this point will be billable and may require an additional estimate document to be created.

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