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How Our Process Works


When we reach the production stage, we will design the overall "look and feel" of the site. Here, we will need any existing ads, brochures, business cards or other marketing collateral that your company uses, so that we can seamlessly integrate your business personality into your new website. We will post several layout prototypes for your approval.  You can mix and match features from each and give us specific notes and suggestions on how you want your website to appear.  This gives you maximum flexibility to choose the best fit for your organization’s unique marketing style. 


Once you approve the "look and feel", we construct the site, adding your final copy content from phase 2.  We will code and develop all of the functional elements that make up the first complete draft of the site.  This combines text, graphics and technical features of your site as it could appear on the Web.  You are given another opportunity to make adjustments before approving the site as a whole.*

Camel and Pyramids

Let's get

Started !

The planning step is FREE for all projects, so let's get started.

* You will be checking our work as we go, and can make any necessary changes or additions prior to design finalization. Be aware that any major design changes such as new sections or retooling the menu graphics may increase the total cost of the project. 

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