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Regular maintenance is important to keeping your site fresh and useful to your customers.  This will increase return visits and add vitality to your website. 

Pyramid offers inexpensive plans that give you flexibility for making the changes you need when you need them.  Our plans include options for updates on an as-needed basis, regular site updates maintained by the Pyramid staff and even allowing you to update your site instantly through an easy-to-use web interface (with no knowledge of coding required).  If you feel comfortable with Microsoft office we can show you how to change text or add blog pages to your site.

Maintenance Plans


Fresh content is paramount to gaining the attention of search engines.  You're also given access to our development services at 50% off the regular price for all additional hours when needed.  This cost savings alone can be well worth the minimal monthly fee.  With each level, you're also able to bank(roll-over) time not used and save those hours for when you really need them.

Content Management System (CMS)

Planning ahead that your website project site content will be ever-changing and speed of updates is a concern then what could be better than Client controlled content or a content management system (CMS) as it is often called. 


Free yourself from large maintenance costs with a Do-It-Yourself solution from Pyramid.  Using Pyramid's CMS you will have access to your website content to make edits or additions to the text, images, and more from any PC with an Internet browser.  Update the website 24/7/365 without any programming skills required.  If you feel comfortable with word processing, we can show you how to update your website copy in minutes rather than hours or days.  Remember if you get stuck or get outside of your comfort zone Pyramid is always here if you us with site edits.

When it comes to maintaining your site the question Pyramid needs to know is...How will updates to the site be handled?  


Will Pyramid Staff members apply your updates or would you prefer a more do-it-yourself (DIY) approach.  We can handle both types of projects.

Want the ability to make website edits yourself?


A do-it-yourself (DIY) approach.  We offer a site-design package that includes CMS as well as hosting packages that include this feature.

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