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When starting a new business, communication is paramount. That's why Pyramid has created packages that already include email. Once we have registered your domain name we can establish email accounts, giving your business the presence it needs to stay connected. All email hosting comes with anti-virus screening and spam protection.

Our site-package deals include email as part of our offerings and depending on your needs as an organization we also offer upgrades.  There are 3 major types of accounts we offer.​

Email Forwarders

The first type included with the brochure level hosting package is email forwarders.  This allows you to simply receive emails that are redirected to your existing email accounts. This method will not allow you to send out emails from your domain.

Web-Based Accounts

The second type included with Level 2 or Level 3 hosting allows for the setup of web-based email account inboxes from your domain name.  These accounts will allow for sending and receiving email

Google's G Suite

 The third type of email can be set up for any domain.  This level utilizes Google's G Suite product suite.  These accounts are billed from Google at $6.00/user/month.  For more detail visit Google's G Suite site.

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