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A lot goes into the design and implementation of an online presence.  One of the advantages of using Pyramid over a do-it-yourself application or a cheap template is that we can represent your unique personality online through affordable design, custom made for your needs. Additionally, our extensive site testing process ensures that your site is compatible with all major browser types and is optimized for the quickest possible load times on any modern device, whether that be desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Pyramid’s design fees are set at $30 per hour.  But join one of our maintenance plans and save up to 50% off your development hours and more. Design hours include graphic design hours to conceive and create the layout and navigation graphics as well as the HTML code programming to construct the page functions.  If your site requires advanced features such as PHP or searchable database coding, these coding hours are billed at $45 per hour.

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Design Philosophy

Build Something that Lasts!

Check out our design philosophy for more details.

Since every web project has its own unique function and design requirements, it is necessary for us to discuss your website ideas with you before we can give an accurate estimate of what your project would cost.  The scope of your site, number of sections, complexity of layout and level of programming are all factors that affect the overall price. 

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