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Web hosting can be one of the most costly ongoing expenses of running a web page, but it doesn't have to be.  If you're looking for low-cost, high-bandwidth, large-storage capacity and faster-response servers look no further.

At Pyramid, we bundle domain name registration, website hosting fees, and website updating & maintenance into one of our site-packages.  Keeping costs low. Below are the direct web hosting costs if purchased a la carte.  Hosting can be paid on a monthly basis or annually at a discount.

Web Hosting Levels
Business Card
Monthy - N/A      Yearly - $50*
Brochure Website
Monthy - $10       Yearly - $100*
Level 2 Hosting
Monthy - $30       Yearly - $300*
Level 3 Hosting (CMS)
Monthy - $50      Yearly - $500*
Full eCommerce
Monthy - $150    Yearly - $1,500*

* Purchasing hosting from Pyramid on an Annual basis saves you money. 

Pay in advance for 10 months get 12 months of hosting!

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